Women’s car – which cars does the fair sex like to ride?

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It has been long since the view, that the most important feature of the car for women is its color, has been refuted. Today’s market offers cars as diverse as the needs of the fairer sex – there are cars that are more sporty and more exclusive, large and small, simple to use and those with an excess of gadgets. Finding the perfect feminine vehicle is a real challenge.

Safety and conditions that make one’s feel confident behind the wheel are the basics. Without those aspects no woman would decide to purchase a car. Besides, the car should make a hit with a female buyer. It is as important as the functionality of the vehicle. Unlike  men, the brand does not matter here. Women, in most cases, do not look at the prestige, but the style, silhouette and character of the vehicle.


Feminine car, what does it mean?

Choosing a car is not just a matter of taste, but above all, individual needs of a user. For women the size is important. Usually, women feel more confident in small cars, because it is easier for them to maneuver in parking lots and navigate narrow city streets or traffic congestion. Besides, the small car is much cheaper to maintain because it uses less fuel and produces lower insurance charges. What is desirable, however, is a large luggage compartment, which can accommodate not only shopping, but many baby accessories, if necessary.

Secondly – safety. This aspect is particularly important for women who are raising and looking after children. Elements such as airbags, attaching child seats, crash tests (carried out in advance) will not be missed out during the examination of the vehicle.

Let’s face it, the appearance also matters – visual and aesthetic aspects are a very important element while searching for the perfect car for a woman. First of all, it is the colour and the silhouette that attract the attention of a female buyer. The car cannot be indistinctive, it has to have the personality, to stand out and reflect the character of the owner. For this reason, women often choose cars in bold colours, modern design or limited edition.

The fourth point is the comfort, written with a capital “C”. A woman’s car should be comfortable. Air conditioning, central locking with remote control and electric mirrors are a necessary minimum.



This car has a dynamic and innovative look that guarantees to attract the onlookers’ attention. The exterior of the new Kia Cee’d GT combines elegance with a sporty temperament, emphasized by the streamlined body in the shape of a wedge, a dynamic side line and a massive rear part.

This vehicle has a very original, but discreet details, such as a gear lever knob trimmed with leather, metal brackets, shiny inserts in ‘piano black’ and a steering wheel trimmed with perforated leather with elegant red stitching.



This car is a typical urban model belonging to the B segment. It is a more sporty version of the Mini One and similarly to it, it relates to the traditions of the original Mini; in this case,to the stronger series, created with the participation of the Cooper Car Company (including the constructor of Formula 1 cars).

The scarcity of spaciousness and ergonomics of the interior service, is made up by the  British model by the traction properties. This car makes a really big impression in this area – the chassis offers an extremely high stability, whereas the steering responds perfectly to the driver’s commands.

It is said that the Mini Cooper is an urban go-kart. However, the car also has its drawbacks – the rigid set of the chassis makes all the vibrations generated by the suspension are transferred to the cabin. This applies particularly to the versions with huge wheels.



In the European range of the Japanese brand, Mazda II replaced the Demio model. At the beginning the body of this make made a reference to a minivan look. However, as a result of not the best sales, the second generation was designed in the style of a more typical city car.

While the earlier Mazda collaborated with Ford, “Two” launched in 2015, initiated an agreement with Toyota. In 2008, the Mazda 2 was named World Car of the Year.