Used car – how to check if it is reported as stolen?

Car theft.

When we buy a used car, very often we worry, that it can be stolen. To put our mind in rest and not to be worried that we drive a car that has been reported as stolen, we can perform several routine activities, which will give us certainty in this matter.


What to check while purchasing?

First of all we need to check the documentation. At the beginning we need to check whether the car we are planning to buy has a full set of documents. What does a full set consist of? Primarily, every Polish vehicle should have a proof of registration, valid technical examination, a valid insurance liability card and the vehicle card (unless it is noted in the proof of registration that it has not been issued). On the other hand, the vehicles imported from abroad should have a set of documents that will be required for registration. It is primarily a contract of sale or a VAT invoice as well as proof of de-registration of the vehicle. The second thing we check is the VIN number of the car. We can order the report, from which we will find out how many owners did the car have before us,what kind of accidents and collisions was the vehicle involved in, as well as, what is most important, that is, if it is not stolen. The report also informs us whether the car has not been pledged. After checking the VIN we would also know if a fault was detected in the car and what service actions has been carried out. While looking for a vehicle among automotive ads, it is best to pay attention to those in which the seller provides the VIN number.


What to check when making a purchase?

The fact whether the car is stolen, can be checked at the nearest police station. There,we will find out if the car has been entered into the register of stolen vehicles. You can also turn to a professional company, which deals with checking the legality of the origin of cars. For this type of check you will need to prepare a registration document, a vehicle book and proof of ownership of the vehicle.


Unaware, but guilty

If the police discover that our car is stolen, we will have to face severe consequences. Even if you did not know about it and you drive the car being unaware. We can then be sure that the police will stop our registration document and the car will be taken from us and escorted to the police parking. We can be almost certain that it will lead to us being charged with fencing. This can lead to incurring criminal liability. We may not only be fined or arrested, but we even can be put into prison.


Everyone, who would like to check if their vehicle was stolen should visit There, you can order a report, prepared basing on VIN number.