Transporting pets

Dog wait owner in car

Each of us deserves a moment of relaxation and total break-away from current responsibilities. Most people take their families on vacation; they travel to sunbathe in warm sunshine, swim in the sea or trek in the mountains, enjoying the beautiful views. Among the tourists, there are certainly those, who cannot imagine their time-off without their pets, that are very often treated like a member of the family.

If you are one of these people, and you are planning to travel with your pet, you should know the basic rules to ensure it is safe during the transportation. Failure to follow these rules may result in a serious threat not only to a carried animal, but also to the passengers and the driver. Collision with another vehicle causes the animal to be thrown around with a massive force and without any control. Even at low speed of 50km per hour, the pet weighing 3 kg, hits with force which is the equivalent to 100 kg. This impact can be fatal not only for the animal but also for other passengers.


Journey in a transporter

The owners of cats and small dogs, whose weight does not exceed 10 kg, are recommended to purchase a transporter. It is a specially designed cage, that should be buckled up sideways into the rear seat, which effectively protects the animal against an impact and unexpected movement.

When buying a transporter in the pet shop, remember to choose the right size. This is a key issue that has a huge impact on the comfort of travel of your pet. The transporter should not be too large, but it should be spacious enough and your pet should be able to move around freely in it. Depending on the size, the price of such transporter ranges from €30 and €100.


Dog seatbelts

Those who want to achieve the maximum safety during travel and at the same time they do not want to put their pet in a cage, should purchase another interesting invention which is recommended by many experts and can be found in many pet shops. This special harness straps are attached to the Isofix and then the animal is fastened to them. This solution is perfect for medium-sized and larger animals. Such dog straps have an adjustable buckle and consist of soft elements to protect against abrasions. Travelling in them is not only comfortable for your pet, but also completely safe. Such solution will cost around €10-€20.



The purchase of the proper equipment intended for the carriage of animals is not the only issue which every driver should keep in mind while planning the journey with a pet. It is also necessary to follow several important principles:

  • try not to feed your pet before and during the trip;
  • in case of a long journey, organize regular stops during which the dog will be able to move a little bit and do their physiological needs;
  • try to drive a car at a constant speed and avoid sudden braking;
  • Take care of the right temperature, which should be about 20 degrees and secure the windows with the blinds.

Applying the above principles and guidelines, your journey will certainly be a hassle-free, and your holiday will be exactly as you dreamt of. Safety and humane treatment of animals is a very important issue. Remember that you should not leave your pets in cars during the heat. Even being in an overheated car without access to water for several minutes, can be deadly for your pet. Be responsible!