How to travel with your child?

Happy family getting ready for road trip on a sunny day.  Concept of friendly family.

Travelling with a child is always a challenge. You have to plan it well and to pack everything you might need during your journey. What is more, you need to focus on the child’s safety during the trip.

How to prepare for the travel?

Child seats in the car – why are they so important?

First of all – safety. If you want to take your toddler on a trip by car, you have to make sure that the child is travelling in a seat customized to your child’s height. Nowadays car seats are available in many different sizes, designs and colours. When choosing the seat you can not be guided only by the nice look of the equipment. What is the most important is the fact whether the seat fulfills its main task – ensures safe driving but also during an accident. The most important is the proper sizing of the seat, which is according to the weight of the child. There will be a different seat for an infant, and a different one for a young child. What is important while choosing a car is the age of the child. Many manufacturers recommend a particular seat basing on the age of the child. However, this aspect should be treated as auxiliary. When purchasing a car seat, the most important element that should be taken into consideration is the weight of a toddler.


No boredom!

During the long ride a child can be fed up with the monotony, which unfortunately often gets travelling children. Fortunately, there are numbers of games, which you can offer to your child in the car. These are only some of them:

– Reading fairy tales

– Word games

– Drawing and colouring.

If your child does not suffer from motion sickness, you can also offer games on the tablet. But what about when your toddler is suffering from nausea while driving?


Motion sickness – what to do?

It is important that children do not eat or drink before you leave. First of all, you should avoid fizzy drinks and sweets that can increase nausea. Before starting the journey it is good to plan a break in the journey and allow a continuous flow of fresh air through the open window. Many parents fall back on pharmacological agents that help fight this unpleasant ailment. Usually, they are made with ginger rhizome, which is recommended when travelling with motion sickness. It is also important to seat the child in the vehicle in such a way that the route of the vehicle is not seen from a side perspective, but from the front one. When travelling by bus you should choose the front seat, and in the case of the car – the rear center. A common practice is also putting adhesive bandage to the child’s navel. Unfortunately, there is no basis or medical research proving its effectiveness.


Everything in parents’  hands.

Well-planned trip should be enjoyable and problem-free. Do not let your child get bored, or worse, to be exposed to danger. If we implement certain rules, the trip should pass without major difficulties, particularly those associated with nausea. We wish you a journey full of emotions, but only the positive ones.