How to prepare your car for autumn?

The car on the nature near autumn park

Most drivers know how to prepare the car for summer and winter, but when it comes to the period of autumn, it is hard to determine, which part of the car should be checked. It is getting dark quite early, the windows are often steamy, there is a musty smell in the car. Read on to learn how to make your car cope with this unpopular season in the best possible condition.

First of all – windows, wipers and lights

Windows, wipers and lights are the three elements which decide about our safety on the road, particularly at this time of the year. Windows should be washed thoroughly. We should start with removing any insects that crashed into the window. They might have been smudged by the the wiper blades and obscure the driver’s visibility on the road. If we cannot get rid of heavier dirt, we can use the help of special agents for removing insects.

After cleaning the glass, it is time for the wipers. It is not true that after wiping the blade with a white cloth, it will always leave a dark smudge. The blade should be washed with an agent containing alcohol. We should continue until the cloth does not appear to have any trace of dirt. It is also worth to perform a check of the blades, as it often happens that after a long life they might be chipped or cracked. In this case, there is only one solution – buy new ones, there is no point wasting time cleaning the damaged wipers, as we will not be able to use them anyway.

And finally we clean the aluminium rods – they are a very important element, because it is where the arms of the wipers are set. The oxide tends to appear at the point of the rotation. Then we wash the pins with the acetone-free agent, designed especially for washing the brake clamp or with an electric spray. Then we can use a bit of a “dry” lubricant – a Teflon spray.


Secondly – check the seals

There is nothing worse than moisture getting into the interior of the vehicle, which unfortunately happens very often, especially during autumn. Therefore, it is very important to check the door seals and the windows. The rubber parts should be washed (!) and only the agents with silicone and glycerin should be used in this process. The so-called “velvety” seals, which are covered with a powdered velour, should be cleaned with soapy water first and only after this activity should be dried.


Step 3 – Electronics is very important

Electronics and humidity – it is definitely not the best combination. In older cars, autumn is the best time to clean and secure the high voltage cables. Something that might be useful to us especially during this task, is a silicone spray. With regards to the newer cars, it is worth looking at the exposed electric contacts – the vehicle battery clamps and fuse boxes are particularly important elements of the car.

First of all, we should check the fuses which are responsible for the fan and heating of the windows. In the places, where the first signs of gray residue appear, we should only use the special spray for electricity. Never scrape the contacts and never secure them with a solid lubricant. If the fuse box had gathered dirt, you have to remove it.


Last but not least – ventilation

Ventilation – often regarded as the most important obligation (hopefully not the only one!) during the car preparation for the autumn. It allows you to combat a common problem of windows steaming. After the summertime, it is always worth to clean all air ducts, and then spray them with a disinfecting agent. These operations should be performed with particular care. We should clean all vents, including those under the dashboard, under the driver and passenger seats, both in the front and at the back. If you decide to clean only the two vents in the middle of the dashboard, it is a waste of time, it will not change anything.

Pollen filter is a second important element, and regardless of whether we exchanged it for the winter or not, the summer season also requires careful dusting, drying, and if it is black from the dirt we need to exchange. Dusty filter absorbs moisture like a sponge, and then the moist air is forced into the cabin, causing instant vaporization!

And the last element is the air conditioning. Not everyone knows that once in a while you need to use it to make it work properly in the future. Before you turn it on, the system should be set to “heating”. AC is very effective in de-steaming the windows. What is more, blowing a warm, dry air for several minutes in the “on legs” position, will help us dry the rugs, which are most often very wet from the rain during this season.