How to get rid of the mold in your car?

polishing the car interior steering wheel with yellow duster

How to get rid of the mold in your car?

Dirty windows, muddy body, dusty chairs and stains on the rugs – this is a standard view inside almost every car after winter. Even the most persistent drivers, who clean and wash their vehicle at least once a week regardless of the season, meet with some kind of dirt at some point. You should get rid of it once the spring arrives.
However, what is much worse and more dangerous to our health are the contaminations appearing inside the car – fungi and mold. They often tend to be an invisible threat especially to our children, to their respiratory tract and skin. They grow in various places, eg. near the window panes, where there is a lot of moisture from the ventilation or the air we breathe out. How to fight against the fungus and mold in the car?


Removing mold and fungus

First of all you should know that mold is actually fungus and it is present all around us. We live among them every day and they become dangerous only when they are at high concentration. When fighting with them, we always have to remember to wear the protective clothing, otherwise we may have some serious health complications later on.

What is also worth noting is that during cleaning a lot of the mold will float in the air, so do not stay closed in the garage at this time. Work outside, where the air filtration will be much greater. Before you start cleaning do not forget to buy proper rubber or latex gloves and a good dust mask. These are not expensive items. What is more, when we do not use such protection, we can expose our body to dangerous chemicals we use. Choose a sunny and warm day when you are planning the cleaning. Thanks to good weather a car upholstery will dry out faster.

You are probably wondering how you can quickly and efficiently identify mold in your car. The sense of smell will alert you first. Unpleasant and nauseating smell of the upholstery and carpets are the first signs that should start to worry us. If in addition to this we can see some kind of coating or deposit on those elements, we can be virtually certain that the mold attacked our car. We should look for mold everywhere, not only in visible places. It very often appears for example under the seats. This is also the place where the moisture and water gathers in winter.


Step by step

Before you start cleaning, remember to put on the gloves, dust mask and goggles for eye protection, elements mentioned earlier in the article. Depending on the degree and the stage of the contamination, it can be useful to wear also a protective suit. Protect your respiratory system and eyes – mold and fungi in high concentrations are no joke or exaggeration. Dealing with mold requires protection as the threat is serious. Inhaling mold spores is more dangerous than touching them. What is also important is washing the clothes after you finish your work.

What is the best and most effective cleaning agent? All the detergents and disinfectants designed for this purpose can be found in supermarkets and building stores. But watch out for some of the products including chlorine – they can bleach the contact points. It is better to test the products using a coloured cloth before we start using them. When it comes to home methods, the most popular is the one with mixing vinegar with water in a ratio of 40% to 60%. It is certainly much safer solution in terms of accidental discoloration of the upholstery. We can also try to use baking soda mixed with water, but it seems to be a more risky idea. If we are not careful enough, we can be left with stains.

The car should be washed with a soft brush or sponge, which should always be thrown away after we finish cleaning. It should never be used again, for example to wash the dishes in the kitchen. How long should the process of cleaning the inside of the car last? The answer is simple – until all traces of the presence of mold completely disappear. Be sure to wash thoroughly not only the spot where the traces of fungus were noticed, but also its surroundings. This will prevent the recurrence risk.

In order to remove the cleaning agent, wipe the place with a clean and damp cloth. If there is such possibility, leave the car open for few hours, depending on the weather. It will allow you to get rid of the smell of the chemicals and also to dry the car quicker.

When you dealt with removing the mold, wash the entire interior of the car, including the windows. If the temperature and the general weather conditions are good, you can also wash the upholstery and rugs. When the car is already sparkling clean, we can say that we coped with the danger. This does not mean, however, that once removed, the mold would never come back. It is better to check the interior of the car on a regular basis. As an old proverb says: it is better to prevent than cure.