Car air conditioning disinfection

2016-08-01 klima

Summer is in a full swing, with its sunny days and the heat. Most of us look forward to such weather, but at some point we can be fed up with the heat. Sometimes too high temperature affects our well-being and comfort in a negative way. Fortunately, there are solutions and devices that provide proper thermal comfort. One such solution is the car air conditioning. Circulating in a closed system, the refrigerant in the evaporator converts the liquid to steam, which in result is cooling the surrounding air. This air is eventually blown into the passenger compartment.


Regularity of action

The air-conditioned car should be treated with care and we should perform regular inspections. Basing on experts’ opinion, the servicing of the air conditioning should be held regularly, ideally twice a year. Then it will be one hundred percent efficient and always ready for action.

People, who do not treat this matter seriously, may often encounter the unpleasant smell coming out of the interior of the air conditioner. This is a sign that the cooling system was attacked by mold and other fungi. If the interior of your car also began to smell like that, it means it is time for the preventive action. Inhaling the particles of mold can be very dangerous to your health.

It is necessary to perform a fumigation and disinfection of the air conditioning in the vehicle. This action can be performed by experts in every air conditioning service point. However, you can also do it yourself and save some money at the same time.


DIY AC disinfection

Disinfecting the vehicle’s air conditioning requires a special chemical agent, which certainly can be found in all automotive shops. Regardless of the manufacturer’s brand, there are two most popular types of the agents.

The first one is in the form of an active foam, which is applied to the interior of the vents through a thin tube. The foam spreads evenly in the supply channels and begins the process of removing all fungi and bacteria. After several minutes into the operation, the ventilation can be run and we can gradually increase the strength of the blow. This way, any foam residue will be removed from the interior of the car.

The second type of the chemical agent is a spray, that does not require direct application to the vents. In this case, we start the engine, turn the air conditioning on the maximum possible speed and turn on the closed-air-circulation in the car. Now simply put the aerosol right behind the rear seats, make it run and leave the car. The running air conditioning injects the spray into the system, which at this point is being meticulously cleaned. Such chemical agents are completely safe, they do not leave stains on the upholstery and at the same time they provide a pleasant, fresh smell.

Please note that the disinfection of the air conditioning using the above-mentioned products is possible only if the AC works properly. If it does not work because the cooling agent is finished, you need to take the vehicle to a specialists dealing with air conditioning. Summer is coming soon, which is why you should start preparing your air conditioning.