Airbags – why are they so important?

Airbag explodes on steering wheel

Airbags – why are they so important?


Airbags can protect against death or disability. This solution has become one of the most important measures to prevent the effects of accidents.

Until recently, a standard in most cars was merely an airbag for the driver. Sometimes it was accompanied by a second airbag  – the one for the passenger. Nowdays, the airbags are used in various places of a car cabin, so that the best possible environment to protect different parts of the body would be created. At the beginning the airbags placed in front of the driver and the passanger seated in the front passenger’s seat were the most  popular.

At the moment the gas curtains are unwound, which can cover the entire area of the side windows of the car. They protect the people sitting inside the vehicle against the impact, as well as debris and possibly falling out of the window. And consequently the side airbags placed in front and in the back become popular. They protect the region of the hips and chest.


The construction of the air bag


For the airbag to work properly and to be within  the car design, it has to be composed of three elements: the pillow, which is made of woven nylon-cotton or polyamide;  the activation system and the gas generator, which is activated using the detonator. It is the control unit that decides that the airbag should be used. It constantly collects a range of information from several sensors of various kinds. These include: accelerometers, pressure sensors and sound sensors or the brake system. Before the airbag explodes it is waiting for a signal. Until then the airbag is wound up in a special way and hidden behind a thin layer of plastic.

At the moment of the launch, it tears along the designed lines. Then the bag is filled with gas at no more than 20-30 milliseconds. This is a very fast response time and thanks to it the driver and the passengers can be sure that the pillow will respond before they hit  such objects as glass or a steering wheel.


What is the risk of driving with airbags?

We must remember that driving a car with built in airbags has its rights. They save lives, but they can also work in an uncompromising manner. Sometimes, the airbag can even break the nose of the passanger. It can also damage your hearing or give you a black eye. However, we must remember that they are used to prevent more serious consequences of accidents and bodily injury.